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where do you dump your chameleon water? (misting run off)
On the plants in the yard, same as the fish tank water. (I pretend the fish tank water is as good as fertilizer; the chameleon water's just wet.)

What was the very first pet you remember in your life?


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A turtle hatchling my eldest brother caught from our dam when I was 6 yrs old.

when was the last time you initiated a conversation with a stranger?


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Tears for Fears...their earlier albums were a bit darker & they rocked live in concert....but given the choice I would choose Spandau Ballet (very embarrasing) :eek:

Best way to exercise jogging, walking/chasing the dog or cleaning out stables?


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ahh... Mystery! love Sci-fi too! lol Garden State is one of the few romance movies I like, haha...

Whats your favorite song been lately?


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How do you find a lost snake? xD
Its sometimes not easy, I posted some ideas in a thread somewhere 'Bad Reputation' I think. Unless you can devise something it can get into but not out of, youll have to be patient.
Keep leaving a mouse out every so often, a warm place (Desk lamp bent over the floor with the mouse beneath maybe ).
Sometimes they turn up months later when you least expect it.
Keep checking all household heat sources.
Hot water tank, fridge/freezer motors, tv's, computers, any other warmth (above ambient temp). :)
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