the newest member of my family

here is a picture of my newest baby it is so cute i have to show it to everybody. can you quess what it is


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Aww cute. You gonna feed it to your Chams? I heard their a good source of uhm, Calcium... :p Jk! :D
I have a friend who kept geese and she just loves them! Unfortunately, 3 of them were taken by coyotes - she was devastated. One of them she got as a rescue as a gosling :(

On an up note...enjoy yours! :)
one more started hatching last night and the one in the photo is already attached to me. my big goose attacks any animal that comes to close to her. but won't attack humans
Do you have a new picture of that little guy, now that he is out of the egg? I love goslings and ducklings, they are so cute. Messy little guys, have fun with him!

Oh, it is so cute! What kind of goose is that? I raised white chinese and toulouse, but neither of them had the white front that that little goose has.

oh my...

almost makes me want one!

My friend's geese didn't put up with any animals (like thier dog and cats) but a coyote over the fence is no match:(

Have you been breeding them long or is this new to you??
i work at an elementary school and last year i one of the parents donated some white china eggs to hatch and out of 4 eggs only one hatch and it was during spring break. and i was the only one around to take care of it. i raised the goose around the kids and she became friendly to everyone. she started laying eggs recently but none of them were fertile and she started sitting on the eggs. i got a hold of the person who gave me my goose and she gave me a bunch of eggs for her to incubateshe sat on 8 eggs and the three that hatched were the ones she sat on. she won't take care of her babies so i have them and they are already following me around. i was just offer to get 16 more eggs from her so my goose can hatch them. i have to take a new photo of her to post a picture of her.
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