The new girls


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Meet Falchion and Jian my youngest True Jackson's (T.j.j.) girls. They are 8 and 9 months old juveniles.
Here is Falchion.


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Outstanding! Fantastic colors, form and horn! Great photos and good luck keeping and breeding them.
Thank you for the kind words. Credit for the girls should go to @Chameleophlaged. They are from his females.
With any luck I will begin breeding my older T.j.j.s (not pictured) early this spring. The girls won't be old enough for breeding until late summer. I'm trying to breed only from captive born chameleons. I will document my progress here as much as possible. I appreciate the well wishes.
How are your pair doing? Was your female gravid?


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Your females from @Chameleophlaged are really quite nice, nicer IMO than the one I had in terms of color and the horn.

I actually sold my pair to an experienced keeper who was looking for them and wanted to breed work with that species. He informed me that the female was gravid, and three young were produced (the majority were infertile). He raised the young up to a good size and them sold them to another experienced keeper/breeder who sold them to another person. I believe the female mated with the male, and he was expecting another litter, so some may be offered for sale again.

Good luck with yours, they really are nice!
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