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hey everyone heres is a picture of the new cage i built. its 6 ft tall but the caged area is 5 feet tall x 3 feet wide x 2 feet deep. give me some feed back.



and here is a picture of him.

i have a simmalar cage how are you draining it i cant seem to keep the water of the floor?
i acually made it so that the floor is just about 1/4 inch lower so that the water run off into a container. it was the best i could think of
That looks awesome! Where did you get your screen material? I've been shopping around for screen and all I can seem to find is window type screening, and I want the holes to be bigger than that.
i use a feeder cup as well, but sometimes they tend to get out, this morning I have 10 dead crickets by the front door. about 10 feet away from my enclosure, they have no dust on them, so im not sure as to where they came from. I don't know if they escaped from the cricket box, or the enclosure, and that many i wouldn't think it would be from the enclosure...back to the drawing board....
yeah a few crickets here and there dont bother me or the family just so its not alot of them. I bought the screen at home depot in the gardening section. 25 feet for $25 not bad. its very good and is easy to work with. thanks all!
Looks good but the gap in the door top looks as if crickets could escape...

I used that type of hardware cloth on an enclosure. Forget the door gap, crickets crawl right thru the mesh. I used a feeder cup. I still prefer it though. Good for visibility. Great enclosure.
What kind of plants are you using there that you can get to go up 4-5ft. I can see that there are some fake vines and plants along the edges. But I would love to build something like this, I'm just not sure exactly how to fill it like you did. Do you have any ledges built in there? Would it be possible for you to post some more interior pictures? :D
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i have a simmalar cage how are you draining it i cant seem to keep the water of the floor?

For this type of cage, I'd suggest using pvc with drilled drainage holes for the floor. Use a rubbermaid container underneath the cage to catch all the access water from misting and whatnot.
to solve waterproofing, I say this time and again, Lowes sells something by macourts in the concrete hardware section called the super tub, 10 bucks! can fit a 68 gal perfect
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