The life Spring brings

Because these aren't exactly of chameleons, but just beautiful creatures in general, I will start with an anole, also dubbed the "American Chameleon" because it changes from browns to greens to depict its mood.
I found this anole yesterday after saving it from a cat, I must say this is the strongest little fella I've ever come across, all those scars and still has never dropped its tail!! Strong and wise!

2nd is the most chill swallowtail I've ever been fortunate enough to meet C:

3rd, just a couple squirrels having a quick chat.

And lastly, my favorite insect despite their bad reputation, a young Lubber hatchling!! This is by far the smallest I have ever seen! Am super excited to watch it grow into a monster grasshopper

(Please note all living creatures were humanely caught or captured on camera and safely returned back into nature in minimum amount of time)

Hope yall enjoy seeing them as much as I did C:


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