Personal Project: Oliver

WHOO!!!!! IT WAS GREAT! :) The kids were amazing, they listened, they all had really great questions and everyone seemed to be engaged. Oliver was a good little boy and showed them how cool chameleons are. :) All of the kids were allowed to pet his tail, and he didn't even flinch. I had the kids fill out this worksheet with the lesson and some of them even drew pictures! :D I just hoped they learned a little bit. Once I get it complied, Im going to upload the video of my lesson. Im so happy its over though, I was more comforable when I was up there but I was super nervous before. Luckliy Oliver didn't poop when we were at school, he pooped and gave me a man booger on the drive up, sily boy :p
Thank you! Me too, I was very relieved but happy it was over and went well. I almost wish I could do it again.....Now onto the 2000-4000 word essay :eek:
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