Reggie, the "American Chameleon"

Meet Reggie, an anole I found 2 years ago as a hatchling, due to her tiny size and how she didn't even try to run from me as she sat out in the open, I decided her chance of being eaten was very high, and bringing her inside to be loved was a humane decision. She is fed all the live insects her heart could desire. Yes the tip of her tail is a new addition, she had it resting under tank lid and when the cat jumped up to say hello, the pressure sliced her tip off. That was over a year ago. She's healed nicely C: and holds no grudge toward the feline population.

Note: anoles are not true chameleons, they are more closely related to iguanas. Being called "American chameleons" because they change from brown's to greens to depict mood, much like a chameleon does.


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