The kids are still alive!


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Well here go's. I'm a long time cichlid tank owner who gave it all up to start a family. A wife, two beautiful little girls and two Boston terriers later and I decided it was time for another fish tank. After searching the web for a few weeks to find the right tank and deal I some how came across Chameleon Forums. Long story short, the fish tank is off the table. I now have a 4'x24''x24'' cage that arrived today lighting and a mister system to follow later this week. My plan is to get everything together and dialed in before I order my First Chameleon. I think I can do this, the kids are still alive!! Look forward to sharing my experience and learning form you all! Thanks for having me.
Really not sure.

Think I would like a Panther Chameleon. Possibly a male nosy be? Really in to the Blue chameleons. Wondering if I will be able to get one shipped to me? I live in Las Vegas and we are hitting 100 degrees or higher daily.
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