The Cage I'm building for my beardie!


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This is the cage That me and my dad designed today for the baby bearded dragon im buying... 4’X2’X2’ cage with textured tile on the bottom...The 2 ends will be vented and the 2 sides and the back will be rocked. There will be many hides and things to climb on..A Food and Water bowl (low enough so he/she can see what is there to drink). And a pipe going down into the side of the cage I can drop crickets into. The front will be hinged glass or plexi-glass. And the top will be screened with a reptisun 5.0 UVB source and a 100watt repti-glow heat lamp...How does this sound...should I add anything?
Mike C.
PS: Ive been doing research since before curly died.
You need a 10.0 UVB not a 5.0 for a bearded dragon.
If you go with plexi-glass be prepared for it to be very scratched because they do "glass dancing" a lot which will cause it to scratch a lot.
How old is he because you shouldn't put a bowl of water in with a baby because they can drown.
If you want a good bearded dragon forum I would recommend this one
I wouldn't bother to put a pipe in there for cricket feeding because it sounds like it would be a pain in the but to put the crickets in, I would just open the door and put them in.
As for the heat bulb it is hard to say, you will just have to test it out.
As for the size of the tank, well it all depends how old he is, if he is to small then a large tank may over whelm him
Thats nice that your dad is getting involved and helping you out. If only that was the case for your cham huh? Well, "good luck" i suppose- are you sure you are ready for another reptile?
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