The bottom of the cage...... O the bane of my Cham world!


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Water everywhere after the mists and the drips. Dead feeders from drowning. Bowls. So I put in a layer of substrate to retain the excess water but as I've read on here bottom line is it's a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. I need help. My Chams are doing amazing and the advice I got on here on waiting to breed and feeding has made an amazing difference. Please give me some fixes.
DRAIN SYSTEM.....use a tub under neath the plants or some put the tub underneath the cage and drill holes on the flooring of cage to the tub.
i use a outdoor carpet made from natural fibres that resist molf and fungus works gret hold moisture for a bit to help with humidty then dries right up, i just pull it out and wash it once a week or soo

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