Thanks Seeco!! Update on my K. Multi Fischer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mbondy, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    I got my baby from Seeco on Thursday and he's been just super, everything I hoped for and more. It's almost impossible to find a captive bred K. Multi Fischer but I found Seeco (with the help of Laurie) and knew I had to steal one of his boys ;)

    This little guy is the first one I've had shipped to me and was quite apprehensive of how it'd go. Not only did he arrive earlier then I was told but he was packaged very impressingly and he was very alert and about jumped into his enclosure. He was a little explorer and I call him the spider monkey :D as he's so incredibly fast and I love watching him move around. Now three days later, he's had his first meal and it's also the first time I've seen him drink, I don't think I've ever been so excited to see anything drink before in my life! :D

    I was feeding my baby panther some meal worms as a treat and my spider monkey watched me so I decided to let him have three as a welcoming treat. I added some more branches today and he seems much happier with that improvement. Since I hadn't seen him drink I got him into the shower today and while he wasn't too thrilled, I think it just did the trick. I'm so ecstatic with the little guy that I wish I could buy another from Seeco NOW! Then again I think I'm going to wait awhile and buy a female and breed my guy...that would be an adventure.

    I'm so lucky to have two chams that don't want to eat me! I posted pics of the spider monkey and his enclosure.

    On another note, I put my baby panther in the shower too as I thought he may be just starting his shed. Sure enough I checked on him a few hours later and he's shedding. Oh how I love my chams! :D

    I'll post more pics later with a real camera instead of my phone!

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  2. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    Absolutely Stunning! Congratulations on your new addition.

    Seeco's Chameleons always are amazing.
  3. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    Thank you! He actually turns a beautiful green on his head and has a few spots along his spine. I'm really intrigued by his colors as it's a whole completely different process then with my panther.

    Once he has a few weeks to settle, I'm curious if he'll come to me for food as my panther does. I'll put up new pics in the next few weeks, can't wait for him to shed and I'm loving the horns!
  4. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    He is a really good looking chameleon. I think you have a good buddy. I am glad you and seeco hooked up.
  5. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    Horns Rock! :D
  6. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    He's beautiful. It's great to be able to get a captive bred Fischer's.
  7. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    Thank you everyone! I was so happy (and lucky) to find a CB Fischer and such a beautiful one. The wait is on to see how he develops and the pressure is also on to keep everything perfect for him :D

    He climbed in my hair today while I was putting him back in his cage from his shower, let's just say I had some fun getting him from my hair onto his branch...that ficus didn't taste too bad :D
  8. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    Do you mean you had to just stick your head into the ficus? That's a great image.

    Thanks so much for the compliments and keep us all posted!

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