1. ChameleonRave

    Thank You Laurie.

    As you all know, I have been having babies hatch up to my ears. I posted a thread about the outrageous prices for feeders for the babies and Laurie approached me about food. She sent me FF culture's and supplies a long with bean beetles. She is a very nice lady and I am very happy to have her...
  2. mbondy

    Titus - Neurological Issue? PIC HEAVY

    Ok so I started a new thread as the other one was so long and hard to keep track of. Here are the pictures I promised of Titus. He really is such a saint, nothing upsets him, he puffed up once as my dog gently pushed him aside. I gave him his calcium and all he wants to do is climb onto my...
  3. mbondy

    Thanks Seeco!! Update on my K. Multi Fischer

    I got my baby from Seeco on Thursday and he's been just super, everything I hoped for and more. It's almost impossible to find a captive bred K. Multi Fischer but I found Seeco (with the help of Laurie) and knew I had to steal one of his boys ;) This little guy is the first one I've had...
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