Thank You Laurie.


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As you all know, I have been having babies hatch up to my ears. I posted a thread about the outrageous prices for feeders for the babies and Laurie approached me about food. She sent me FF culture's and supplies a long with bean beetles. She is a very nice lady and I am very happy to have her here on the forums and as a Moderator. She does an amazing job and is an amazing person. She is super helpful too. Laurie know's what it's like to be in a small town like some of us and how hard it is to get things sent out. So if any of you get anything from her. Don't be upset if it takes some time. It's what happens with small towns.

Just wanted to thank you Laurie.



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Thanks Zac but eating ff's doesn't really look like much fun. Anyway I have to keep them all time for my williamsi geckos. Happy to share.
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