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I want to say thank you to the people who have helped me on this forum. Well tonight when Cammy went to sleep we removed the waterfalls and sure enough it had lots of dead crikets.. Also removed the bark and just put down paper towel.. Is there any thing else I could use .. or just change the wet paper towel once she is asleep.
Again thanks to everyone for your help.
For the bottom of the cage, no. I wouldnt use anything but paper towel, or something along the lines of such. I am glad to hear that you have gotten the help you need, and hellped your chameleon accordingly!



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thanks. I will not be afraid to ask more questions. I will see how the paper towel works tomorrow when I spray the cage. I think that chameleons are the cutest things alive when they are sleeping LOL

Dave Weldon

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If it isn't a glass-bottom cage then you can drill the plastic with some small holes to allow for drainage into a drain pan...
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