terrarium humidity for brevs.


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Just a question about the humidity needed for brevs what is the lowest and highest they should be? what is the minimum temp they should have? and also is it ok to have ivy in their tank? Putting the setup together right now and would like to have it all setup and running for like a month before i get them so i can work out any details before they are here. will submit pics soon.
I try to keep temps around 72-78(F) for brevs with at least a 10 degree drop at night. I don’t like to see the humidity drop below 50 just prior to the next misting. After I mist the humidity read 72-75 on the gauge at the top center of the tank just under the lighting so it probably around 85 or higher towards the substrate. Leaf litter and such should be dry prior to the next misting and it’s fine to have the substrate relatively moist at all times. I also have humidifiers in the pygmy room which keeps the humidity around 60-ish at all times. Ait flow is very important too so I suggest an oscillating fan in the corner of the room.


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