Temperature Inquiry/Proposition?


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Our little panther (F. paradalis) just laid her 1st clutch of eggs, and I had a bit of an interesting situation involving the temperature of the eggs. She laid them on Aug 24th (and one single egg on the 22nd) 23 all together. However, they came quicker than anticipated (17 days gravid :O ) and we didn't have an incubator. So I put them in some damp vermiculite in a Tupperware container and kept them in the closet, where the daytime temps range from 80-82, and night time is 76-78. They stayed in there for 2 weeks, and then on the 7th our incubator came in :D

Now that I have the incubator up and functioning, it's time to introduce the little eggs. I have the temperature set at 76, and it has proven to be very stable (so far) and it is to my understanding that the eggs temp needs to be in the 72-75 range. So wouldn't it be best to gradually lower the temperature for them, instead of them facing a sudden dramatic change in temperature? Also, with that in mind, would it be more beneficial to lower the temperature in such increments that it would mimic their natural habitat's seasons? If so, what would those increments be?

Strange question, I know... I appreciate any help, if anyone has any facts or links on the matter I would be much obliged. Speculations of other novices have little value, no offence...I'm a noob at this as well, I just seek professional assistance ;)
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