1. Ethen44

    Temperature Inquiry/Proposition?

    Hello, Our little panther (F. paradalis) just laid her 1st clutch of eggs, and I had a bit of an interesting situation involving the temperature of the eggs. She laid them on Aug 24th (and one single egg on the 22nd) 23 all together. However, they came quicker than anticipated (17 days gravid...
  2. chamcrazy

    egg humidity help. pleeeeeeeeese?

    I have 65 eggs (hopefully all fertile) from my veiled. They are less than two weeks laid. I am trying to keep the humidity at a steady 75% (ish) As soon as I put the lid on the incubator tight, it goes up to 90%, but when I take it off, it goes down to about 69%. What is the best way to...
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