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After a 1 hour egg hunt, I have a total of 12 Tavetana eggs! And im pretty sure they are fertile! (She dropped a single one over a week ago).

happy this first time experience is over! Should be less stressful next time...


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It has been now 9.5 months I have been keeping these eggs as instructed.

They have grown double in size and are still white and solid, kinda grainy texture.

But one thing that has me worried is that when I candle them from the top they are bright yellow with no veins.

But when I candle them from the top and look under them, i can see a small red blob that is only at the bottom of the egg. At 9 months in, im guessing this is not looking good?
i had eggs from a similar species, k. boehmei and they had a yellowish tint to the egg before they hatched. i only had 3 of 6 hatch the other 3 went bad within the 6-7 months it took to hatch them.
i heard it takes about 9-10 months for k.tavetana to hatch.
When I hatched tav's in the past the majority of development happened in the last few month's.

Got 6 today! All healthy, 6 more to go :)

Il post some nice pics once this is all over

Thank you all for the help!
Thanks! Im very happy just finishing the final set up.

When can expect these guys to eat? They lost the yolk, running around every where but they are not hunting the flies or the pinheads?
Awesome!! My favorite species. There are actually some cool things going on here since the last I logged on (over 43,000 posts ago).

Congrats! They look nice and healthy. Both of your pics are of females. The males will be maroon colored and the rostral processes will be slightly more noticeable. Very easy to sex.

The first clutch I hatched I raised all separate and had no problems. When I had 3 clutches hatching I didnt have the room to do that. A lot of the males died and I think it was because they were stressing each other out from being housed together. I would at least raise the males individually.

I rarely get on here and dont keep chameleons anymore. If you have some questions feel free to email me at jaredcain3041982 yahoo.
Hey Thanks for the tips, i don't see the Maroon color, but some are kind of rusty. I do notice small nose bumps on a few of them. Seems like I have a lot of females.

I currently have 11 in a 18x24 exo terra. They are very tiny and are eating. They do not seem stressed, they spend most of the day crawling around and show solid green colors. From my experience with the mother, she would get a marble like color when pissed.

I have two other cages to split in smaller groups this week end just in case.

To be honest I was caught a little off guard, I had been candling these and they where always yellow. I was suspecting they where not fertile. But I kept looking every day and one morning, surprise!

I am taking notes of my observations. I will do a post of my experience with this species later on for the community.
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