So I have a male Veiled cham and he's 3-4 months old. I've had him for like 3 months now and we have made a lot of progress in terms of making him more comfortable around me and being able to come out and trust that I won't eat him but I wanted to see if anyone had some advice on taming? Yes, I am currently doing hand feeding every day and making him crawl onto my hand for it but he still seems to get real panicky when on my hand after he eats. I tried just pulling my hand away when he came onto it and he did not get dark or angry, just panicked and started running around my arms head and shoulders lol. Should I just continue this and hope he eventually gets better or is there more I could do?

My cham was one of the more stubborn ones and still is but we have made so much progress since I first got him.


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So it is never taming.... You should not be removing your hand until he is comfortable with your hand. Even then your just wanting to take him from his cage to a plant sitting a few feet away so he learns that your hand now means food and going to a plant. Everything is slow and at their pace. If you try to rush it then you will lose his trust.


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Gotta wait till they are full grown. Even if you get him dog tame, you havent gone through TVS yes. Teenage veiled syndrome will start in a few months, and last about 2 sheds, and then your boy will have his adult personality. He "should" mellow out alot more then. Till then keep hand feeding. Also hand rides to other plants and sunny spots seems to win them over too.


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I have a panther that is 4 months also. I have been following @Beman advice above. He hasn’t quite gotten on to my hand yet but he was really thinking about it today. He knows my hand = food and snatches anything I give him from fingers/cup but he’s still iffy on actually walking on it just yet. Sounds like your doing good I’d just keep doing what your doing but take it slower, let him walk on your hand close to his cage for a few days to let him get used to that then slowly start incorporating on taking him out fully. His pace not yours.
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