Tamatave mating:)


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We are having an excellent day today! Our tamatave pair has mated for the first time! Our female a wc who came in at im guessing about 5 months old she has acclimated excellentafter 6 months of the captive life she is now 64g and laid her first infertile clutch just over a month ago! Our male is captive bred from cham nations helios line! he is 11months just about to crack one year and has been nothing but an amazing chameleon we got super lucky with him! Im pretty excited lol whave raised both chams for the past 6-7 months and finally we can get to the egg laying! Just thought i would share the good nes! I tried to upload pics but im in my phone and it wont let me do it for some reason!sorry everyone if i figure it out ill post some for you guys to see our beautiful pair all grown up!!!
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