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Is this regular calcium?

Supplementing is by far the mist confusing thing.
Can some one please tell me if
Flukers calcium:phosphorus 2:1 is regular calcium without D3?


I'm so confused by all of the contradicting things I've read. The breeder I got my Cham from said to dust insects with calcium with d3 3 times a week and the vitamin once a week. While on here I've seen calcium 3 times a week while alternating weeks with calcium with d3 and the multivitamin. I just want my 3 month old male veiled to be healthy. I have a reptisun 5.0 light along with a heat lamp and a 5000k led light for plants. Any advice would be so helpful. I can even tell you the brand names of the calcium with/without d3 and multivitamins I have in the morning if it would help! Thanks!!


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Excellent info.

My supplementation schedule is almost identical to yours. My chams are kept outdoors in natural sunlight(S. Florida)probably about 340-350 days a year. I agree with your supplement recommendations and also with your statement that D3 supplementation may be necessary for chams kept indoors who do not regularly bask close enough to the UVB tube. I am curious about how much D3 those of you who keep chams indoors up north use, mainly so I can provide good recommendations to the owners of my animals offspring, who may live further north and are not able to get thier chams outdoors often.
Yes, please! I live in Western Wisconsin and my veiled (female, 4 months) will be indoors most of the time. I would greatly appreciate supplementation advice for our neck of the woods. ⛄❄


crikey this is confusing. I have Vet Ark CalciDust (without D3) which I was told by the vet to use twice a week, and she also said dust with what I was using vitamin wise, which was vetArk ArkVits (with D3) on the other days. However someone on a forum told me that vet ark ark vits was no good, that I should switch to Sticky Tongue Miner-All 5 days and calcium 2 days. So I've sent off for the sticky tongue stuff. I'm in UK so my adult male panther chameleon is indoors. I have an arcadia slim luminaire D3 UVB light. Further complicated by his getting real picky recently with his food, refusing crickets and locusts in the last couple of months, has never touched meal worms or wax worms. He is very happy with morio (super) worms. And will happily munch on fruit beetle larva and the occasional silk worm. So though the vet said vitamins with D3 4 days a week and calcium without D3 twice a week, I'm overdoing the vitamins? Other than being real picky over feeders recently, he seems happy and active and poo'ing well. What is the better vitamin supplement, Vet Ark ArkVits, or Sticky Tongue Miner-All, which has calcium in it anyway? Also any advice on getting him back to eating crickets and locusts?


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Sources- I highly encourage everyone to do their own research. This is merely a summary of facts that can be found through many sources. I paraphrased many of these sections from:
Reptile Medicine and Surgery, Mader
North American Veterinary Conference Procedings 2007
Speakers- Dr. Mader
Dr. Mark Mitchell- LSU
Dr. Fleming- Disney’s Animal Programs
Dr Pare- Toronto Zoo
My personal notes from veterinary school
Endocronology and Reproduction- Feldman and Nelson 3rd edition

I know that someone will ask what I am doing for my chams. So here it is. I have no real reason for this protocol other than it is similar to that used by some successful cham breeders.

I change my UVB lighting every 6 months. (probably unnecessary)
Gut-load with WER carrots, romaine, and orange
Juviniles Calcium w/o D3 twice a week
Multivitamin twice a week
Adults- Calcium w/o D3 once a week
Multivitamin once a month
Females (gravid) –Calcium w/o D3 twice a week
Multivitamin once to twice a week

As a VERY new Panther Chameleon owner I thank you for this information. It is a lot overwhelming with so much info on the web and so many varied opinions, to decide what the best course of action is for my Guy. I was thinking about this and worrying so much. He goes outside, I have the right light I'm opting for better than cricket feeders (since he went on cricket strike until later that day I gave a nice butterworm then he ate 4 crickets that were roaming he had refused earlier). I just want to get it right and have a happy healthy Guy. I printed out your regimen...hope you don't mind. So then your not dusting every insect? No calcium
Every feed? As long as my light is good and I use the supplements sparingly making sure to gutload well it's that easy? I hate to admit I was following the directions on the repashy w d3 and it said every feed. I stopped that pretty quick after I read on about oversupplementing. It's just so easy to get it wrong not knowing about the exact science. So thank you again!


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This is my Guy from Kammerflage he hates the mister but he got a good bath all the same. He thanks you too for the info!
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