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Hey guys just a quick question to deffo make sure I'm getting things right.

I am using a Arcadia 5.0 UVB tube light, with an Arcadia reflector, with Arcadia lighting controller.

For supplement wise at the min I have only it's like an all in 1 supplement which I brought from a really well known Reptile shop and the owner there really knows his stuff and also owns and breeds yemens and panthers himself and for supplemt wise he recommend Nutrobal: A vitamin/mineral/calcium balancer which is basically all you need he said supplement wise as it does it all for you in a sence its a multivitamin supplement used to dust onto the insects.

so I brought this
which is exactly what he recommended :)

so basically here's my question do you think I'll need any other supplements as at the min im having a little bit of confusion??

even though he told me I would only really need this and its what he use's I've got something in my head telling me I need some other supplement :S

thanks again guys :)
Here is what has been talked about lots of times on this forum. Follow what the care sheets say. They are the basics of what works to keep a healthy chameleon. You can sway from this, but this has been proven time and time again to be the best schedule for supplements.

Calcium (without D3) at every feeding
Multivitamin 2 times per month
Calcium (with D3) 2 times per month
Nutrobal isn't great for them. They need calcium on every feeding and giving nutrobal every feeding will be giving too much D3 and vitamins.

I use the schedule mentioned above and it has worked for me for a good five or six years.
Arhh I see, ok makes a lot more sence now, sorry about that guys :)
besides already having Nutrobal what specific brands do you recommend

Calcium (without D3) at every feeding
Multivitamin 2 times per month
Calcium (with D3) 2 times per month

Thanks once again!
I have used Nutrabol for years, but research has moved on and no longer feel comfortable using it. I only used it every 7-10 days with plain calcium every feed. I now use Komodo cricket dust which is plain calcium every feed. Reptivite without d3 twice a month and repti calcium twice a month.:)
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