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Okay so we had been feeding a stray cat.. come to find out she was pregnant and gave birth under our wooden platform, safe and cozy for her.

Thing is, we have snakes and foxes who are trying to get her and her 5 kittens. The kittens are about 5-6 weeks old and seem to be weaned from milk. The local animal shelter would just put them down quickly. A few of my friends are allowed to collect one.

Question is... how do you round up a stray kitten hiding under a small wooden platform?
They come out every other evening to eat with mom, but they're shy. I don't want them to get eaten or put down.
you can try a live trap, if you dont have one or cant borrow one, some places will lend them out- we have Humain Ohio - they will lend traps, also free spay for stray- you may have something like that in your area - good luck :)
If you can it might be a good idea to just leave them until they start to venture further from the den themselves.
If you want to put a wall or fence to deter snakes and foxes that might help, but the mother knows what she is doing.
Best thing is to get them all vaccinated and neutered when it is convenient, then you can do as you please with them :) will have much better advice than anyone here. Alley cat allies is a national feral cat rescue organization with tons of great resources. Send them an email and they can give great advice and maybe hook you up with a local group that can lend traps or help.
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