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I think you underestimate them they have been around for a wee while. With night time fogging they can obtain a lot of moisture for hydration without drinking a lot and you may panicking too much as I mentioned if urates and eyes are good that is good . Don't get me wrong I worried a lot when I got my girl. Put cameras up it might surprise you


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Hi I've never had a test done for my girl (parasite ) but do you know what a comprehensive test covers?thanks
I think the vet usually do a fecal float and a smear. Sometimes the test might need a stain to be used as well.
From what I know, the parasites are detected when they are shedding/producing eggs...which is why more than one test is advisable. Some parasites are harder to see than coccidia. There are several medications that treat different parasites that may be used. Hydration is important with all of them. Treatments are usually done once and then repeated to catch the rest of the parasites hatched from any eggs left.
This is from my experience and what I've read...remember I'm not a vet.

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Instead of a tight-line hard-shooting water spray....pull the handle of your sprayer so lightly that it only drips. First, wait for your cham to be on a horizontal branch, so you can drip from above like they would do in nature when drinking from a dripping leaf. That's how they drink. I mentioned this earlier, but you can drip the water slowly on the front-middle of his casque and it should drip down towards his lips. They typically drink from below the water source, so try and match nature.

If you are really scared they aren't drinking enough, you can do this at feeding time after they finish chewing/swallowing their food. But again, I don't see you are having hydration problems....I really think from what you have shown us, there is nothing wrong with your cam drinking-wise. They might just need some more help getting water to a place they can drink from comfortably. Just what I'm seeing in the vid.
I'm not scared or anything. It just seems like he's often thirsty in the evenings. As far as the video I just thought it was funny that he just licked the air. I've also seen him shoot his tongue at water.
The ballast and bulb came today. Should I put it right on top of the screen? Do I need to change it every 6 months or every year?
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The ballast and bulb came today. Should I put it right on top of the screen? Do I need to change it every 6 months or every year?
Did you order the proT5 with the 6% bulb? If so then you can put it on the screen and then you want 9 inches to the basking branch below the screen.


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Which one are you housing the UVB bulb in? The single bulb fixture that you have propped up on a cup?
You need 8-9 inches to the branch below it from the bottom of the fixture where the bulb is. This would give approximately a 3 uvi.

If your using the dual fixture for the UVB and daylight bulb then your distance will be different because it shares a reflector for both bulbs and this reduces the UVB output.


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Ok so your going to drop it down on the cage frame. This will give you a range of 6-10 inches... So the UVI level will sit probably more like a 5 down to a 2 level. The cham will sit where he prefers to get the UVB levels he needs. So no need to worry. And the exposure will still be within safe levels.
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