Strange chameleon behavior before the storm



I have 4 panther chameleons and I am living in Raleigh, NC. Hurricane Florence is coming and my chams just stopped eating all together yesterday morning. I know that some animals are known to "feel" climatic events coming but did anyone of you had a similar experience? They were all healthy and good eaters the day before.

I feel like it make sense they stop eating, it is good to have an empty digestive track when such a stressful event is coming and in the wild they might not get enough hot sun for digestion.

What do you think?


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@Sezny I think it's a response to the beginning of the wet season but your answer is more fun. Hope you are somewhere high and dry, be safe.
I don't remember which species but it was some that don't breed readily in captivity.


For an update, they are not much back into food yet, I ordered some hornworms to check if they are not bored of crickets and roaches before freaking out.
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