staring at the trees


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i moved my Cham outside exclusively for this time of year and into the Fall so he can be outside with natural sunlight and get a good breeze(morning sun for 3-4 hours. the rest of the day in shade). He gets plenty of water, eats great, ive just noticed that he constantly staring out at the trees. we live on a balcony in the texas hill country so the views are great but i feel like he is getting homesick! He is in a DIY 2x2x3.5 with real hibiscus, pothos and plenty of vines and branches. is this just something im being too worried over? or would it be harmful for him to wish he was out instead of in. His health is great overall, very active, good colors, just seems to love the view. Any thoughts?


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Yeh mine does this lol, stares longingly at them as if he wants to go "home", free range him every now and then :D

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mine were so bad about wanting in the trees, I built a cage around a small tree- I also keep my guys out 24/7 - except for Max, my one panther- he just cant seem to cut the apron string - lol as soon as he is out- he wants back in - so he is only out about 5 hrs a day ~
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