Spyder Robotics Herpstat Pro Bundle

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For sale is a Herpstat Pro Bundle. This is the unit that comes with the USB cable, Data loader and Uploader software so that the firmware can be updated. The current firmware on the unit was custom developed/written for me by the owner of Spyder Robotics. The firmware is identical to the current firmware but allows for a 30 degree night drop (when I purchased the unit, all that was available was a 10-15 degree drop).
This unit was used as a back-up to my primary Herpstat Pro. It has been very lightly used and shows absolutely no wear or signs of use. It operates and looks as it did when it was received from Spyder Robotics.

This auction includes:
1) HerpStat Pro
2) USB Cable, Data Loader and Uploader Software
3) 2 New temp probes
4) Instructions for both the Unit and uploader/software
5) Box

All items are direct from Spyder Robotics and includes all original items.

I have pictures I can email as I was unable to upload them here.

This unit costs $385.00 when purchased new. I will sell this unit for $325.00 shipped via UPS Ground, including full insurance and include a tracking number.

If you are unsure, please see my 100% positive feedback rating on eBay. My user name is: jackbutler1.

Please PM me any questions.

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