Splish Splash I was taking a bath...

Just some quick photos of one of my panthers in the shower during a shed.

Hes the star of my collection.



Noah, you will see soon enough. Im actually re doing the website... odd how I launched it, and then just scrapped it to do a new one right after. I was never happy with it, but too busy to fix it.

Drake, nope. Thats MY shower! but I can always steal a plant, sticks and vines from other cages. They come out pretty easy the way I have some of my cages built.
agreed. I dont know where I'd be without my shower.......then again....my wife would probably like me more if I didn't give them showers all the time!!! lol.
Wow. I love those colors, truly amazing! I love him! I havn't taken mine a shower but I might when he is a bit older he is only 6 months old at the moment :D
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