Sources of protein for blaptica dubai


So I finally bit the bullet and bought a colony of dubai, I got 500 nymphs, 100 "large" (within a shed or two of being adults) and 20 breeding females and 10 males. A lot of people online seem to use dog food or cat food for their source of protein but it just doesn't seem healthy for my cham. I picked up some turkey baby food and banana baby food and figured by mixing the two I could entice their sweet tooth and still get the necessary protein. What do you guys think?
No animal protiens. That is what you want to avoid. I recommend ground nuts, spirulina, and the Occational boiled egg is okay too.
Sorry to raise this thread from the dead but some good information has come about in recent months worth sharing. Dog food and cat food are both too high in protein. I noticed die offs when I raised the feeding schedule of excess Crested Gecko Diet to my colony. Natural cleaners at their best but unfortunately it was not good for them. I figured my humidity was to high but also cut back on feeding CGD and even cleaned the adult tubs completely trying to determine why I kept experiencing die offs.

Allen Repashy was researching his new product Bug Burger at the same time and his test group was also experiencing die offs. From his research the roaches turn excess protein into uric acid. A large build up of uric acid proves fatal since there is no way to expel the build up as waste. Another problem with feeders high in uric acid is the potential for gout.

So the optimum protein level of the roach food should be 10% or 12% max if you are also feeding crickets or other insects. Of course you could buy Bug Burger and make the feeding experience simple. This one product feeds and hydrates your colony. You can still do the homemade mix and the previous recommendation looks pretty good. I personally like Spirulina. It has many benefits in reptile food and as a food for aquarium fish.

Hope this helps a bit.
old repashy bug burger was 20% protein, the new mix is 13%. This should solve the die off.

Per a guy at who is feeding to his dubia colony.
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