Something Different 2 (LOL)

Well with most of the chams gone, I have had more and more time to get out and play. Sorry for those of you who are only here for chameleons. I got out today and tooled around in the Wichita's again. Spoted this guy out about 300 yds in a field. He was held up in a small marsh feeding. Took me an hour or more of slow creeping in cold, wet grassland to get to him!




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My wife and I are leaving the country for a minimum of 3 and possibly 5 months. If was a tough decision but in the end the best thing seemed to be letting them go for now. I have intentions of getting back into chams when we return, so I do not think I am gone forever. Thanks for the look and all the nice comments.
sorry missed the question! These were all shot with the Nikon D200 and Nikon 80-200 f2.8 AF-S. EXIF below.

1/1500sec at f/3.5
Metering Spot
ISO 200
Exposure OEV
AV mode
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