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I now have a digital devise that measures temperature in two areas, along with a humidity probe. :D

Here you can see the items labeled for re-positioning. The goal was to solder longer wires to the wireless temperature sensor and humidity sensor. The temperature sensor with the wire (on right) was VERY long, I de-soldered it so that it could be shortened (used the excess wire on the other two sensors).


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ok now where are gettin it done, this is right up my alley and never thought to do it. i am a electronic tech and this is a great idea. i am cusious what unit u took apart to do this. ( im sure many units will work the same ) im guessing it has on board hum/temp and a wired ext temp sensor, to start and now i see u have three ext probes.

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I can post a pic of the unit later on today. But I would think all units are basically the same. I actually did the same procedure to another one (different) from walmart and it worked until I accidentally snapped the circuit board. :mad: The humidity sensor (from walmart) looked just like the one pictured, and the temp, was a different color, but otherwise the same. All you have to do is take the unit apart and touch the things that look like temp probes. When the temperature display goes up, you've found it. :) I like the idea of a $6.50 digital temp/humidity unit with external probes. :D

The one pictured originally had one external temp probe, and one internal temp and one internal humidity probe. The screen displays them as "inside temp", "outside temp", and humidity %.
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