Thermometer and hydrometer replacement


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I'm at a cross roads I need some new equipment but don't want to get something that is going to fail like many of the other sensors and probes I've used in the past.

I had invested in the Temp pro water resistant temp and humidity sensor but all of them have failed from misting. Many of the new ones I bought off Amazon don't work well and I'm just over it.

I also had several of the wired probes that have failed as well I need to wire them through the screen if I replace them to a pod water damage.

Does anyone have personal experience with the govee or inkbird? Brands how do they hold up to the frequent misting of the enclosure? I'm trying to recalibrate all of my lighting as I recently moved into a new apartment and have different ambient temperatures I'm using a new t5 bulb as well as my fancy LED and a dome light for basking and none of my thermometers are working well. I just want to get a long term solution and not a bandaid or temporary solution. Preferably a clean looking one I dislike the cables running around an otherwise naturalistic enclosure


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Hey there I use the govee sensors. I love them. For actual basking temp with a probe I use a herpstat. I have never had issue with the probe failing but these are expensive. However I prefer them because they control the temp I want.
These are the govee sensors I use.
I have two one hooked to the top outside basking branch for ambient and then one down towards the bottom to get ambient levels there. you do need to put them outside of direct spray. They come with a cord you can put on them I take that off and zip tie through the hole in the corner of them.
They work with an app. I also run the govee smart plugs.

This is the home screen and displays all of your govee stuff. The sensors are my top two.

Then when you click into them you can see all details from anytime. So you can look back at temp/humidity for any time day or night.


If you look at the far left at the front you will see where I have my two sensors.



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I use a govee as well and it has worked awesome for me. Mine doesn’t have a probe but I hang it with a paper clip on a branch kind of out of the way of my mistking mist range. I love that I can just check temps and humidity readings on my phone with the govee device.


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Update on the equipment, I've set up and am trying the sensor push thermo/hydrometer so far so good. It sure is convenient to see the data over the entire day to know exactly what your temp and humidity are doing. Might add more in the future but so far very happy. Seems to have a similar app to the govee screenshot above. Hopefully with 3 sensors I'll have the insight to create a naturalistic heat and humidity cycle.
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