Some panthers!!


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Hi all just a picci thread for you lot
here is a few pics of my male and female ankarena's,Good news my male is not gay!!! i let him check out his girl today and he was quite pleased to see her,bobbing and hanging around trying to catch her attention

ladies first then


Here he is


Now for some more nice panthers i currently have a male Nosy mitsio on breeding loan,as i have a female that needed a good service

The man for the job

The love birds

And now a few of my Nosy be,i really think that nosy's are one of the best locales out there,they are stunning


Enjoy the pics guys,Panthers Rule!!
These are some of the best cham pics I have ever seen! Very nice! Very clear! Beautiful chams!
Thanks for sharing these. Keep the pics coming!
LOL!! No worries,Thanks sean!

This is my male blue bar when i got him as a baby i could seen colour on him at about 6 weeks old! he is my most stunning chameleon and he is only around 9-10 months now so plenty of time for colour to be developing!
I have a good sized female ambilobe for him and i also got one of his sisters to pair with my second blue bar

A pic of my second blue bar not quite as amazing as the other one but he will be a good breeder he looks great displaying to a female

This is a ambanja blue/diamond thats what he was sold to me as so i will see what he turns out like,but he already looks pretty cool,a very fast grower this one!

This is my big Sambava he is LTWC i have had him for about 3 years now,this fella is big he is my biggest panther 240grams
That is one amazing Ambilobe! The Ambilobes i currently have (1.1) are brother and sister, but the male has a BRIGHT yellow background with blue bars. Nothing like yours, lol.

Beautiful shots you of those chameleons!

Thanks Jake! there very addictive,would love to produce some offspring from him to see what there like! he mated with the female a few times... so will find out in about 4 weeks if it worked,the female is not showing gravid colours but she is away from all the other chameleons so that might be why
I cross bred one of my ambilobe females with a sambava male.

The male is Don Diego from Diego - 5.JPG

The female is from Hazo-Ombilahy - 5.JPG

This is the picture that persauded me to buy her brother! lol - Holdback male - 7 mo. old - 1.JPG

This is a male of mine that passed, i hope to get a chameleon from the same lineage soon!'s%20Son.JPG
Very nice mate!! i love Hazo-Ombilahy he looks great,Your babies will be interesting to see! how long have the eggs been cooking?
this is a shot of the other blue bar i have

That is great i love the "neon" sort of colours on that picture a real blue bar that is!! A long old wait for the eggs then? i have some on month 6 but i find 10 is the norm,ive also had half hatch from a group and the rest 6 months later!!:eek:
Thanks for the comment man!
this is the boy i am excited about!looks a bit better now that pic is old,but for 9ish months this one blows me away!!
He is a beauty!
What kind of housing do you use?
I use the normalaluminum cage and lighting ect.
But i am gonna be building a "chameleon Run" within the next couple weeks!(sooo stoked for it)
I did use aluminium ones and a got them from tyler on here from bluebeast but i found they were not great for what i wanted to do,Great vivs! and i use them in the summer outside!!
i made all my vivs myself and i having really good results in using them,here are some old pics of one of my walls,i'll have to take some of the full room soon.


They really dont cost that much to keep do they i buy bulk livefood and with what i buy now i reckon i could easy feed 10 more on top:)
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