Some panthers!!


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more of my ambilobe:D


And my now gravid mafana


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I know i have already said on CB but i will say it again that is a stonking Ambilobe, is that the one of Rob Lane Luke?


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That is great i love the "neon" sort of colours on that picture a real blue bar that is!! A long old wait for the eggs then? i have some on month 6 but i find 10 is the norm,ive also had half hatch from a group and the rest 6 months later!!:eek:
Thanks for the comment man!
this is the boy i am excited about!looks a bit better now that pic is old,but for 9ish months this one blows me away!!
truely works of art. your pictures are inspiring...i still remember in 4th grade when the art teacher made me re-do my picture because frogs and lizards "are not red or blue dear". Oh how far we have come!


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Thanks very Much Cam!!:) Positive comments!!!! frogs and lizards "are not red or blue dear". Oh yes they are!! infact any colour you can think of is displayed on a chameleon somewhere along the line:D
Amazing animals they are,i just look after them they do the rest:)
So easy to get Hooked


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Thanks for the comment:)
Rob is the best Uk chameleon expert and breeder out there,sadly he has cut his panthers right back and is working with parsons now,
I am lucky to own a few bred by rob,and have a large group of eggs from one of robs lines,and have another chap coming just saving my money!!:)
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