Some more Jacks & Johns


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Found some of these pics on my desktop, I dont think I posted them yet. The Johnstons are getting so big, Im almost positive I have a pair.

The "male"

The female

And here's the crazy-colored, still nameless Jackson


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Thanks so much!

I only have photos from when I first got him and he was a lot darker in color due to stress and dehydration. The one posted was the most recent, Ill try to get some more tomorrow. Here's one from when I first got him.



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Can you see rostal "budds" on the "male"? From the pictures you posted, I would question the gender on the "male"; looks more female, to me. Very nice animals nonetheless :). In my mind, it would be best to have two females as I'm sure you can source out a male if need be.

The colour on the jackson's is amazing! He is an exceptional specimen!


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yes, I have seen buds but you'd think I would know by now. The buds are only slightly raised but they are where they should be which has me confused (the other one is lacking them). And thanks, Im trying to find a female with the same coloring.
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