Solar at 21 weeks of age, and after first shed. *PICS*


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Hey everyone,

So Solar actually allowed me to get him out for a little bit today, so I figured I would get some quick pics of him. He definitely looks different after his shed, and is SO much bigger than he was when I first got him... MY LITTLE BOY IS GROWING UP!

Anyhow, was wondering if his progression with coloring up is on the right track. I have seen some panthers his age or so with a lot of different colors, and he is only displaying some oranges, and a little green.

Any idea what direction his color may be headed?

Opinions are welcome :)





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she is gorgeous!!!! cant wait to see her grow more:D

LOL He is a boy...or at least he is supposed to be :eek:

If I'm going by the bulge though, I feel pretty confident that he is a he.

Jeff, you and I seem to keep landing chams with sexual identity issues :D


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LOL im sorry and that we do :D I see the bump just skimmed the pics quick either way what a looker!


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Thanks guys LOL

If he looks anything like his dad he will most definitely be a looker. He is sired by Bolt at Screameleons. I'm looking forward to seeing more color come in. Thanks for the compliment on the name :D
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