So there I was, at the Pomona show


I was at the Pomona reptile show, and there were a lot of AWESOME animals!!!
Definitely a worthy trip! :D

Here's the super BIG and colorful veiled cham from FL Cham!

And the super blue panther from Kammerflage!!!

They are just too cool!!!


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First one is Driskel!^

Second one is unknown to me, but I'm sure they posted the name on kammer's facebook profile.

Kammerflage also showed off Full House. Extremely amazing cham.



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Driskel is amazing in person. I picked up one of his offspring... I couldnt resist:)

Oh you lucky bleep!

I am limited to one chameleon at a time but holy hell driskel is beautiful and fat and huge! His casque is tall and he is major yellow.


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I'm so jealous of all you Cali folks who can go to that show. One day I'll take a trip out there and bore the crap out of my husband while I drag him around!


Man, I'm so bummed I missed the show! It would've been awesome to see that veiled in person. Thanks for the pics!

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Amazing looking chams!

I am going to the show in Minnesota in September, but I doubt that it will have any of the great breeders and vendors that the CA and FL shows have. I will at least give it a try though.


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That's right Michelle. I'll PM you the info. :)

Daytona just wasn't as great the last time I went - 2 years ago, I think it was - as the first time I went 4 years ago. Plus, Florida is a lot bigger than people realize - it would take me 6+ hours one way, and I've got friends flying in on Sunday, so I'd have to leave about 5AM Sunday morning to pick them up - just not in the cards this year, I guess. :(
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