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I recently adopted a female panther, knowing before hand that she had a few flaws. When I got her, she had these greenish, grayish 'callus'/wart looking growth on her back, and her end of the tail. It also looks like it 'attacked' her feet, eating away at them. My vet does not know what it is. I have tried to see that maybe it is just skin biuld up, but apart from pulling away a chunk of skin/growth, I do not know any more.
That does not sound good. Have any pictures? I have zero experience with this sort of thing, but it does sound like some kind of bacterial or fungal infection. If your vet does not know what it is, I think he should be able to take a culture and send it off for testing. If it really is spreading, you need to act fast before it gets worse.
Check with your vet first to see if it's would be okay to use but I recently used a product called Repti Wound Healing Aid, for a really bad cut on my cham.

It's ingredents are: Jojoba oil ( skin conditioning, healing properties)

8-Quinolinol (An antiseptic with mild fungistatic, bacteriostatic, anthelmintic, and amebicidal action. It is also used as a reagent and metal chelator, as a carrier for radio-indium for diagnostic purposes, and its halogenated derivatives are used in addition as topical anti-infective agents and oral antiamebics.) Copyed from medical dictonary.

Tea tree oil (natural antiseptic).

With in a week the wound was completely healed. I'm sure things would have gotten pretty bad with out it. It can also be used to treat topical infections of toads.

Could it be an old burn?
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