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  1. SSimsswiSS

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    I had a few hundred, so fed them off today. I can't understand why people always ask if they can only feed one prey item. When there is so many year round food items. Even in the winter. pic 1 is female parson's with silkworm in sights. pic 2 is baby quad after downing a long silkworm.

    by the way, 85 degrees today in Southern Cal.. Have misters working overtime.
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  2. Motherlode Chameleon

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    85 F degrees with the misters on in December in California!?! Wow it is about 58 F degrees here in the Mother Lode area.
  3. sdheli420

    sdheli420 Established Member

    ya its been hot for he past couple days..kinda weird since its been so cold at night...btw, i just recently got a shippment of silkies from mulberry farms, my cham loves em..but i think his new fave is the horn worms..
  4. jandie

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    ALL of ours LOVE hornworms....and i like using them because they're so helpful with hydration.... :) only a few of ours are fans of the silkies.... though now that they're a little more used to cup feeding....they're a little better with them. but they all love butterworms for treats, too. don't really seem to care for wax worms and the phoenix/repti worms, bout the same as the silkies.
  5. SSimsswiSS

    SSimsswiSS Avid Member

    Yeah, crazy. Able to keep things at 82 F / 68% humidity, with misters. Very dry outdoors, but the walkin enclosures have their winter plastic skin on to keep humidity up. And cold at bay, during the night time lows.
  6. Silkyslim

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    I'm glad mine loves worms too, I bought 100 small silkies the other week and now they are all huge! Finally some success from these finicky bastards now to send them to their swift sticky deaths.

    We got 15" of snow the past day and its about -20 degrees outside because of these 30 mph winds. Time to go ski something or everything depending how you look at it. Although 58 does sound like a good temp, I'm too excited about this snowfall to want warmth.

    This recent cold temp really got my cham lazy too, looks like all Samson is missing is some slippers and some hot cocoa because he is up near the basking light most of the day just lounging (bottom cage temp 73.6 as of now :p) hehe hes got his back 2 feet just dangling off the branch with his front 2 feets and tail taking the weight.
  7. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    Gotta' love this San Diego weather!:D Lol! Hugh is SOAKING it all in... :p I have yet to try silks. He has taken Hornworms, Reptiworms, Crickets, Waxworms, and next is Blue Bottle Flies. :) Then some Silks.
  8. SSimsswiSS

    SSimsswiSS Avid Member

    The color green always wins, in most cases. I shot a video of brown mantis taking priority over a bright green hornworm the other day.
  9. sdheli420

    sdheli420 Established Member

    i was thinkin about the blue bottle flies..they seem like a good treat for a cham..only issue i have is i freerange..ied have to put him in a feeding cage..
  10. Motherlode Chameleon

    Motherlode Chameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Gotta say though it is about 58 F here however the greenhouse is at 80 F with the swamp cooler going off occasionally.
  11. Jamelon

    Jamelon New Member

    lol im really jealous of you all its snowing here right now haha, we are supposed to be getting 15 cm of snow with this storm.... be happy its hot haha
  12. Dooley1

    Dooley1 Avid Member

    They look great. I love the baby quad pic. It was 10F the other day when I woke up, but today it warmed up into the 40's. That's why Florida for the Christmas holiday is looking better and better to me. I will be near Jupiter.
  13. Gensen

    Gensen New Member


    Yes, I am jealous on two counts.... the Parsons and the weather! I'm on the East Coast and it's wet & cold!;)
  14. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    I was just in Jupiter yesterday! My mother in law lives there! Our weather has been a little cold here on and off for the past week but today It was shorts and tshirt weather!

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