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I wanted to get some variety for my cam on his food. he usually eats crickets and (not too many) waxworms and moths that the waxworms turn into. I went to the pet store the other day and saw these dried worms and asked the woman at the store. She told me they were silkworms and I should soack them in hot water and they would swell up and then to give it to my cam. I tried that but first, the things wouldnt swell up and ten i gave it to my cam and he didnt even look at them. can you please tell me what these are and how to feed them to my cam( i dont trust the lady in the store too much, she tried to tell me once that waxworms were superworms).


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Those are not even close to silkworms. They look like dried up silkworm cocoons to me. Your cham didn't eat it because chams only eat live moving food. I wouldn't feed them to your cham. Pet stores will sell anything to make a sell because most pet stores are usually hurting for money. That is why I never trust a single thing that a pet store employee tells me. Before I go to buy something at a pet store, I do my research and know exactly what I need before I get there. If I see something new at a pet store that I feel like buying, I resist the urge and go home to do some research on it before I buy it.


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That has to be the weirdest thing I have ever seen! I agree-looks like coccoons! Order some silkworms online-they are a great food and very easy to breed and keep. I started out with a small order and now sustain my 3 chameleons, a friends chameleon,and 2 local pet stores.
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Well I have over 20,000 worms I am looking at right now and I must say that I have never seen anything like that. if you need worms just check out maybe ther are cocoons?


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Pam is looking at 20,000 worms, and I am feeling overrun by 1,000? Clearly I need more mouths to feed... :eek:)
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