Silk worm seasonal?


I see that one supplier is out. Another offers only 'small' in both live ct. and pods. Is this a seasonal thing or normal supply and demand?

I assume that if I ordered live silk worms I would order the special food. Hmmm, is there a tutorial on this? :confused:

It's late and I'm going to bed and maybe it will make more sense in the morning!
They are educational and hard work if you get too many . Pigglet79 has some excellent blogs on here. They are an excellent feeder, will worth the hard work.:)
Silkworms can be hard to keep. Sometimes there are mass die offs due to illness that can wipe out an entire stock. Its just not an exact science. I raise them the same exact way every time and sometimes they do just fine, while other times I just can't keep them alive.
I've been using them for about 4 months now I get a shipment in every two weeks. I have a cricket keeper with no top and I clean out all the poop every couple of days and feed them the premade food. I Always ordrt before i run out so i have plenty of big ones while the small ones grow. Its kind of a gamble on If i will get big or small. But the lady at always sends me an email to let me know. I dont think they have ever ran out. The Haven't had too many die on me and they grow pretty fast if they are small and u feed them everyday. I love them as my feeder and Bandito does too. Hope this helps.
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