Silk Flowers


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I have mixed both real plants and fake ivy/pothos in my chameleons' cages. I didn't put any silk flowers in them because I thought the colors might be overstimulating and annoy or aggravate my chams. (But there are tons of flowers in the wild.)
I just looked at some members' photos and have seen some cages with tons of silk blossoms-lots of mixed colors too. So I'm guessing it's okay to use the flowers too? I do wash my silks thoroughly and make sure there are lots of horizontal limbs.
I'd love to put silk flowers in the cages. I like the looks of orchids. TIA.
I have a few fake white blossoms in my cages. It does look nice! Chams generally don't like reds or oranges (mine hid for a week because there was a nerf gun in the same room). Just make sure your cham doesn't try to munch on them! I'd keep an eye on it for a while to make sure it's safe.
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