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So I only have live plants in my Cham cage, I wanted to know what floral/ flower plants I could have ? I know about Hibiscus (but is there a certain type? Or are all hibiscus safe?)

Only found small lists of plants they’re able to have but I wondered if there were other visually pretty ones?

But if anyone has any other plant or flower plant suggestions that would be a great help, I already have pothos, Boston ferns and a few other that are safe but can’t remember the names off the top of my head lol, any help would be appreciated !

Side note to that, would like to know where you guys buy your woods/ Sticks / vines (real or fake) to place in your cages so your chameleons can walk around 🌿

Preferably from UK 🇬🇧 But recently I’ve been ordering bits from a couple reputable websites for decor and live plants but they either arrive damaged or dead 🥲
Since veileds eat their plants, I’d stick with those plants on the list. For some pops of color, you can add Tradescantia zebrina, Fittonia albivenis (nerve plant) or Hypoestes phyllostachya (polka dot plant). Not sure if it’s on the safe list, but many have used bromeliads too. Ordering plants on line is always a challenge and not usually suitable for our needs. In US we can get a great assortment of plants from the chain home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes), Walmart and of course plant nurseries.
I get all of my branches from outside for free. Many are from when neighbor’s had their oak trees trimmed and the rest I scavenged from a fallen sycamore in the brush off the road. Avoid pine and other sappy/aromatic trees. Give branches a little scrub with dish soap, a very thorough rinse and sun/air dry. No need to bake or boil. Leave the bark, lichen and whatever else that doesn’t come off from a little scrub. Collect a variety of diameters to exercise chameleon feet and keep some extra for just in case.
Also, do keep in mind that it’s possible that you may never see any beautiful blooms.
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