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:confused: So in peoples signatures on here, I see it says a cham type and then some numbers like 2.5. What is that all about? Thanks
I will use me for an example

0.1. Quads, 13 quad eggs 0.4 baby carpets

My name is Laurie
0.1 I have one female adult quad
13 quad eggs I have 13 eggs I am incubating
0.4 baby carpets normally this means babies to young to sex. Mine are 1 male and 3 females but if I say 1.3 people will read that a 1 adult male and 3 adult females.

I also have 4 campani eggs, but I don't list them as I am not sure they are fertile. Most people don't list eggs at all.

Hope this helps
Thanks, that helps a lot. Now it makes since.
So I have 1 boy Nosey Be so I would be?:D or would I just refer to him as a panther? thanks again.

1.0 Nosey Be
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