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So I just wanted to share my chameleon Sid's enclosure,His cage is 18X18X36 tell me what you guys think??


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looks pretty good to me, is that his feeder bucket on the bottom i might try handing up just so he dosent have to goto the bottom to feed.
thanks! it is a feeding cup I had hung it up before and he did not seem interested at all sat up by one of his vines for like 3 days and he did not touch it:( I might try again though
it seems better to have a cup they cant see through he may have shot from the bottom ( not understanding to invisible wall between him and the crickets and got confused and when its on the bottom that problem is not there.just a thought
that makes sense thanks! I just put a new cup where I had it before and he is eyeballing it so we will see what happens:D
I have my cup all in the bottom , I like to seee him climb and get some exercise or else they get lazy lol . Just a thought
Took my little ones a few days to grasp the concept of the feeder cup. Had to move them around a few times to find the best spot, but a few days later, success! I was ecstatic.

Also, your enclosure looks wonderful, I'm sure he loves it. :)
thanks!!!! I worked hard on it he seems to dig it:) I think the cup is finally in a good spot I just watched him take his 3rd trip to the cup and eat!!! here is a newer pic of Sid as well


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he really is a good looking veiled i like the setup of the pics as well. i may have todo something simiar with my guy one day.
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