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Hey guys, my male Ambanja seems to have a similiar eye problem. His eye on either side (seems to only happen to one side at a time) will stay almost completely shut for awhile (a couple of days to a week sometimes) and then all of a sudden it just opens like nothing ever happened. The affected eye usually is sucken in, but the other side is as it should be. He is very hydrated and eats like a pig. I always wonder if it has something to do with him bumping the eye while hunting, walking, etc... or if it gets irritated while I hand mist the cage. I try not to spray the water on him directly, but some always seems to find its way there. I shower him off for 30 minutes every second or third day (he loves his showers) and this seems to help for a short period of time, he will open and rub/clean eyes like normal and then he shuts it again. Anyone ever had this happen?

While I am on the subject, he also has a few spots on his body that look like he has injured himself in the past and while shedding the skin always seems to stick around these spots for a long time after the shed. I am always careful, but sometimes I have to very carefully try and assist the skin off the spot. Usually I just lightly rub a stick/branch on the spot until it falls off, he seems to like it and does not move away. The spots look black in color and look very similiar to a zit on our skin. Boy, that was a mouth full, anyone have any ideas?

Here is the eye that won't ever open, Ha, Ha. As soon as he saw the camera the eye opened up and has stayed open. You can also see the spot in the middle section of the body that I referenced above.



Regarding the "spot", I've seen that type of spot before. In fact, my Nosy Be' panther has had a couple of those spots too. I'm not sure what they are caused by but they haven't gotton worse or spread. At first I thought that it might have been an insect bite then I wondered about bacterial/fungal possbilites. The 1-2 that he had always seemed to be self-limiting and healed but always left a small scar. If my panther ever has to go to the vet again, I'll be sure to ask him what he thinks caused it.
That would be great if we could get an answer from the vet. I was wondering if it was from an injury and it is some kind of scarring?
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