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Someone was asking the other day if I had any pictures of Spencer fired up. Well, no.. not really. He is a pretty calm dude, and only really gets excited about the dog. When he does get all fired up, I head in the other direction so that he will calm down, and have never tried to snap a photo of him in the midst of his angst. Anyhow, today is shower day.. and he does get a bit bright in the shower. Thought I would post a photo.

Awesome. Looks like hes enjoying himself. How long was he in there? The colours only get brighter I find with time. (for the ones that actually do like showering, as I have a few that hate me for a couple days after.)
Thanks, everyone.

He does like the shower. Will, he usually will brighten up for the first five or ten minutes, and then after the newness of it wears off (or is it that he adjusts to the warmer temperature?), he calms down to his normal pretty greens and reds and hangs out, cleaning his eyes and drinking water. I have left him in the shower until the hot water ran out, he likes it so much.

So pretty!

Lele's right...he actually has a very mellow fellow look on his face! I wish my Panther was that calm! Mines' more like...well, a panther! LOL
Dante & Dad

I almost named Cyrus, Dante! Always wanted a herp with that name, but it just didn;t fit this time. The pic of his dad is hysterical!:D :D :D :D :D
He turned a year old on April 23rd. After his long illness in January and February, he has come around pretty well, I think! He now weighs 145 grams and is about 14" long.

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