Should I repot a newly bought live plant?


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Hello I'm new to chameleon keeping I've kept reptiles before and I know there's specific care for every species out there. And I know with chams live foliage is best I recently bought an umbrella plant and I was wondering if should repot it? I washed it off and cleaned it good to remove any pesticides but what about the soil? They said at the store the fertilizer should be gone already but idk what do you all think?

Thanks in advanced :)
Welcome to the forums and to chameleon keeping. Your plants will need to be washed and rinsed well and replanted before you use them. Use organic soil and buy large river rocks to cover the soil so your cham will not be able to get to the soil. Make sure the rocks are very large so the cham cannot eat the rocks.

You might find my blog for new keepers helpful if you have a veiled or panther.

More great info here:
Thanks I knew I had the right idea the guys at the store told me it would've been ok. I'm glad I asked to double check myself :)
And I own a Jackson's I'm getting a veiled very soon possibly a panther thanks for the reply though is was very helpful :D
Yeah if a store says its ok thats pretty much a sure sign that it's not :p I hope we can look forward to seeing your chams? :)
ya stores only say what they need to to make a sale. but you already got your answer :) make sure to cover them with rocks my chams always tried to eat the dirt or sticks that fell on the floor for some reason
I recently bought an Umbrella plant from Homebase in the UK. I have covered the soil with wire mesh and then put large rocks on top. This means the soil is completely unaccessible to the chameleon.

Is it still necessary to repot with different soil???
Alright so I repoted the plant and everything and my Jackson's loving it :D

But I had another question if I buy a plant from a complete organic store should I still repot/replant? Even though its all organic?
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