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My veiled cham is shedding right now. The skin is coming off and it seems to really be bugging him. Is there any harm in helping him get off some of the loose skin. Also I noticed that he is eating some of the skin that has fallen off. Is this normal?:confused:
How long has he been shedding? You might try to raise the humidity temporarily to help him out.
Is there any harm in helping him get off some of the loose skin.
Stress would be the biggest problem I can think of. If the skin is hanging off it probably would be ok, but I think it would be better to let it happen naturally. Humidity can really help. Could be a good time to give him a shower.

I noticed that he is eating some of the skin that has fallen off. Is this normal?
Should be ok.
None of my chameleons have ever eaten any of their shed skin to my knowledge but I did see a photo of a Flap-neck chameleon eating its shed skin earlier this year. I don't see a problem with it (my Leopard geckos eat their shed skin all the time).
To help mine shed I give them a good spray then help remove the skin off of hard to reach places for them such as their casques. Be careful how you do it though as it would be like removing a plaster off of our skin if you don't dappen it down first.
Hey Mama:
How's it goin'? Hope all is well. Your cham shouldn't have any problems shedding. but to help him out the best thing to do is to give him a good soak down (misting or shower) every day until it's over. I would avoid pulling off skin in fear of removing some that isn't ready to come off. Also I would steer clear of pet store products that aid in shedding. I used them once with a bad shed and the outcome was not good.
However you do want to make sure all the skin comes off or problems can arise. For example skin left around spikes and toes can cut off the circulation and will result in losing them. It also causes swelling limbs.

:) Neat Note:
I spoke with a kid once who's veiled cham viberated by making grunting noises when he held him in his hand to rub off excess skin.
About your neat note-vibrating cham. Mine does this also. You can actually hear it. Sort of like a very low growl. He does this when I'm treating him and he's really mad. I thought this was common in veileds. David
shedding "stuck-o"

one of our 3 panther chams seems to be having a similiar problem, only it's on top of her head....looks a little thicker than regular, almost like calcium.... i haven't found any pictures in "health problems" trying to research it, but it definitely concerns me.... so far, from what we've seen since we've had her, she isn't quite as active as our others...(we have a veiled too) i'm not sure if that's why it's not coming off. the rest of her body, no problem. we've only been hand-misting, but the humidity seems to stay a little "low"....

think we should make a vet visit or has anyone else had this problem?
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