Shedding question


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Pascal is hitting his six month mark. He shed before in less then 8 hrs and this time it's taking a bit longer. It's day four and his legs and tail are just finishing now. Seems kind of long ?
His last shed was a month ago. Took almost 2 days ... And he had a RI in the last month too if that ties into anything ?
As cham get older, it can take the longer to shed, its a normal occurance

As adults they often wont even do a full body shed, instead shedding a foot or a tail, making it appear that they are in a constant state of shedding.
Whew great !! I was nervous. If foot shed tonight and it got stuck in his poor claws ... I felt bad doing it but I had to take it off for the poor guy .. Hope he finishes up soon, thanks again :)
never remove shed unless its cutting circulation off to a limb.

it could damage the new skin underneath.

if it wont come off, try upping the mistings, humidity, and use warm water.
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